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Happy New Year!


Welcome to my first ever blog post!

Today is the last day of 2016, which has been the best year of my life thus far.

I’m so thankful for all of the opportunities and adventures that I’ve had this year. We went on an epic road trip up the West Coast of the USA, and my best friend and love of my life, proposed to me in the most incredible setting overlooking the mountains in San Luis Obispo. We went island hopping in Thailand and trekking through the jungle. I went to Ireland, Barcelona, and of course, Amsterdam on weekend breaks. In amongst all of this, we undertook gruelling workout regimes together (think 6am runs, followed by circuits in the evening). We also finally finished renovating our beautiful home, and whilst in our eyes, it’ll never be finished (there’s always more to do), it’s pretty close.

… And then, Chris (my fiancé) was offered a job in Amsterdam, one of our favourite cities. We’d only been together for two months when we both went to Amsterdam for the first time and we fell in love with the canals, the architecture, and the lifestyle straight away. We’ve been back every year since. So when he got the offer, it didn’t take us long to make a decision, and we jumped at the opportunity.

Chris started work at the beginning of December (he’s really enjoying it). I’ve handed in my notice at work – despite absolutely loving my current job, and despite not having another job lined up. We’ve put our much-loved home up for rent, and in the New Year we will be packing up our furniture, our two cats and our lives, ready for the next step in our adventure together.

I wanted to start a blog to journal this exciting change in our life, and this time next year, to be able to read through my posts and reflect.

On the to-do list for 2017: move to Amsterdam, find a new home, find tenants to rent our home in the UK, find a job, start saving and planning for our wedding – amongst other New Years resolutions!

We’re going into the New Year with a lot of uncertainty but SO much excitement about what the future holds for us.

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